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Anna - Violin

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Anna - Violinist

Anna - Violinist

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“Anna performs on luxury events all over the world:"

Anna began to learn violin at age five. Gaining professional performing skills from smaller concert halls granted her an outstanding role at the royal national theatre.  It came as no surprise, at age seven Anna was named a child prodigy after her successful performance of Vivaldi violin concerto in G major. She was noticed by various classical musicians, which later inspired her to participate at an international competition in Vienna, where she was awarded as the best classical violinist. 
As a result, the Conservatory of St. Stephen offered the young musician a place, at just eleven years of age. During her university years which took place at Oxford, the university offered a scholarship at the Conservatory Queensland, Australia. From 18 years of playing the violin, Anna mastered classical skills, performing degree level concertos as a soloist with various orchestras now she also performs on events all over the world!