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Soul N Passion - Violin & Cello Duo

The best string duet made for wedding events!

Soul N Passion
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 “Music is a fusion of Soul and Passion.  

 When you combine these two ingredients, something magical happens. Our goal is to spread that magic  into your unique moments. 

Soul N Passion - Violin & Cello Duo

Our amazing string duo for events!

Soul N Passion features Rallia (violin) and Iliana (cello). The duo has a wide-ranging repertoire and provides professional live music entertainment for weddings, corporate functions, exhibitions, and private parties. We personalize each performance, with a lot of love and professionalism. We have carefully selected and personally arranged all of our repertoire to suit each magical moment. From light waltzes to fiery tangos, from old love songs to pop hits, you and your guests will be well entertained during the ceremony, cocktails, or dinner!

Imagine how beautiful the bride's entrance to the church or the reception would be, accompanied by the well-known tango melody from “Scent of a Woman" or the classic Pachebel’s Canon. We also treasure the unforgettable moments during the couple’s first dance accompanied by their favorite song on the violin and cello.

Our tailormade performances also extend to our wardrobes – we have a variety of dresses to perfectly suit the colour scheme of your dream event!


Book the Soul N Passion duo, and add a little more magic to your event!

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