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A beautiful traditional greek bridal walk!

Cantadore - Traditional Bridal Walk

Cantadore - Traditional Bridal Walk

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"Giving a traditional greek taste to your magical wedding event"

In Greece we have this beautiful tradition, when the bride or the couple walks to the church to be accompanied by two or three musicians playing traditional greek songs for the occasion like "simera gamos ginetai". This unique project with roots from our breathtaking Ionian Islands is our version of this romantic tradition, ready to give a dose of pure Greece to your magical wedding event! A great option before or after your wedding Ceremony.

Band Details

Because you need to know all the details!


  • Traditional Greek

  • "Cantades"

Number of Musicians



   Event Style

  • Ceremony

  • Weddings


  • Guitar/Voice

  • Mandolino/Voice

  • Mandolino

  • Violin - (Optional 4th musician)

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