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Odin's House Project

An elegant party DJ performance with live instruments!

Odin's House Project
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A fresh new way to Party, with live saxophone, violin and percussion over amazing mainstream house and party hits!

Its an amazing band full of energy, four beautiful musicians producing a unique show with live saxophone and violin giving the music a whole new vibe, playing mainstream house music, vocal house, funky house, party pop and their very own tracks!

Petros the DJ/Producer of the band is a super experienced DJ in the clubbing scene, creating a unique atmosphere with his music, boosting the mood, making people want to dance and party non stop! When the instruments start, the concept becomes even better making the music alive, creating the vibe of an avant-garde New York club straight in your event!

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Band Details

Because you need to know more!


  • Mainstream House

  • Vocal House

  • Funky House

  • Mainstream Pop Hits

Number of Musicians



   Event Style

  • Cocktail Time

  • Corporate Eventss

  • Wedding Events

  • Private Parties


  • DJ

  • Violin

  • Saxophone

  • Percussion

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