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KEDA - Party Project 

Our DJ show with live vocals pumped up with high energy for a super party experience!

The non stop party project with live vocals, guitar and DJ flow!

Four young and talented musicians create this amazing party show band exclusively for events! With mainstream pop repertoire , disco hits, all time classics, even greek pop music, plus, their DJ style playback they can handle greatly the dance floor and keep everyone on their feet for 2 hours non stop party performance. KEDA is a wordplay from the musician's names and for the greek meaning of the winning cards hand in Poker. The band creates a unique party vibe with their show and non-stop mixed playlist! Play responsibly...

Band Details

Because you need to know more!


  • Mainstream Pop 

  • Disco Classics

  • Party Hit

  • Greek Pop

Number of Musicians


   Event Style

  • Wedding Events

  • Private Parties

  • Corporate Events


  • Female Vocals

  • Male Vocals/ Keyboards

  • El. Guitar

  • DJ

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