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The MusicNow Trio

The most versatile project wireless within the guests and with any singer you like

MusicNow Trio

"A wireless trio with saxophone, electric guitar and any singer you like from MusicNow"

The lineup consists of female vocals, saxophone and electric guitar.
The repertoire is pop mainstream hits, sweet soul, pop jazz, and general easy listening music, using backing tracks along with natural instruments. This group has the minimum of technical requirements, and all the instruments are wireless so free to interact with the guests. Finally what it makes it so special is that you have the option to choose any of our amazing MusicNow singers from any band of our portfolio.


  • Jazz

  • Sweet Soul

  • Funk

  • Pop Mainstream

Number of Musicians


   Event Style

  • Cocktail Time

  • Dinner

  • Pre-Party

  • Party

  • Corporate

  • Wedding

  • Baptism


  • Female Vocals

  • El. Guitar

  • Saxophone

  • Optional Keyboards or Second Singer

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