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The Soulful Project

From a duet to an amazing quartet Full of Soul! 

"Musicians and Music Full of Soul..."

MusicNow proudly presents "The Soulful Project"

This unique team of some of the most sought-after musicians, is a powerful asset in MusicNow’s arsenal and an ideal solution for every type of event that requires a compact group with a fuller sound. The group can cover a major variety of music genres, from sweet-soul classics to modern R&B and of course Neo-Soul stuff. Whether you prefer the chill-out vibes of Smooth Jazz or the energetic and funky grooves of Modern Pop, the only sure thing is that the band’s high energy performance will captivate you. The Soulful Project comes in different formats. You can choose the duet (electric guitar and vocals) or trio/quartet with the extra option of adding keyboards and/or saxophone accordingly. The perfect choice for every kind of event from dinner to party is available through MusicNow and goes by the name of ‘’The Soulful Project’’. Are you still thinking about it?


  • Jazz

  • Soul

  • Funk

  • Pop Covers

Number of Musicians

           2 - 4

   Event Style

  • Cocktail Time

  • Dinner

  • Pre-Party

  • Party

  • Corporate

  • Wedding

  • Baptism


  • Female Vocals

  • El. Guitar

  • Saxophone

  • Keyboards

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