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Christmas 2020 - Something Different - Live Streaming Performances Available!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Yes, we love Christmas but during these crazy -pandemic- times we have to adapt.

We are sure that you all will do a Christmas Eve dinner or a small NYE party with your family or with some close friends and we don't want to let you without MusicNow entertainment!

So we have made available some of our top bands and musicians to perform live for you, with some tailor made special Christmas music playlists, straight from our cosy studios into your cosy living room and get you and your guests into festive spirit with our Christmas music!

All you need is a big TV, a good sound system and you are all set!

Are you ready to rock around the Christmas tree with us? Book your live stream performance straight from our website, or contact us so we can arrange and prepare everything for you and your family!

Christmas are not the same without music, so hurry up!

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