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Season "Gran Finale" for the Destination Weddings 2021

We are excited here at MusicNow headquarters! You know why?

This year's destination weddings and events season was the best by far! Despite all these Covid-19 exasperating measures, people from all over the world (except Australia of course) chose to make their dream wedding event in one of Greece's beautiful locations, working intensively and thoroughly with the most professional wedding vendors of Greece, we are glad to be one of them, having finally magical outcome, and by that what we mean can be only be explained in photos and videos...

Have a look at some magical wedding event setups that our team added also some magic with great bands and musicians traveling non stop all over Greece!

And these are not even the 1/3 of the beautiful wedding events we had the chance to perform this year! Stay tuned for more, new bands are coming, new videos, new collaborations with always the best professionals in the industry, stay tuned for an amazing destination events season 2022!!!

Until then stay safe and always listen to good music!

Cheers! :)

MusicNow Team

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